Daniel battled with suicide and depression before support from SAMH helped him towards recovery.

I was in an unfurnished, uncarpeted flat, sleeping on a blow-up mattress on the floor with only a television for company. How did I get here? Only a few months before, I had a beautiful home, friends, work and ideas of aspiration. Suicide had a grip of me; death was my only hope. The only respite I had was sleep, but depression was making that impossible.

My partner had been through the wars for me, but she was at breaking point. We planned to move, but I had no intention of going with her. I paid off debts, deleted my social network sites. I had found the answer to my problems – suicide.

My mum turned up out of the blue. There was a problem, my stories didn't add up and my plan had been found out. There were lots of tears, I had hurt them all. But I too was hurting.

It was clear I needed help. And so my SAMH support began. I was a mess, at rock bottom, with no interest in anything. I was suicidal and the depression was in control. My support worker Robert and I agreed a regular visit routine and a plan for how to get things under control. Most importantly, we agreed to do it all at my speed.

Robert helped me get back in control. I attended courses, built my confidence, met new people and found an understanding that my mental health is only a part of me.

I was in hell back then, but now I know there's a road back. For me, that road began with SAMH.

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