Mark Wilson is an assistant engineer with Dundee City Council. Mark is severely short-sighted. "I have high myopia, with complicating conditions such as nystagmus and astigmatism," he explains.

"I can see things very close up but the further away they are, the less detail I can make out."

Mark studied mechanical engineering at Abertay University. "Most of my work is office-based. On site, I've always been accompanied by someone else. But that's as much to with getting there as anything else. My job can be pretty visual. But the mapping software I use is reasonably accessible with high contrast colours. Most things I can alter through Windows or enlarge on the photocopier. There are some things colleagues can do better than me, of course, but we take it in our stride.

"There was a period when I applied for jobs when I'd get a no straight off the bat. When I asked them they said they were concerned about employing someone with sight loss. I was applying for jobs I was confident I was capable of doing but getting a flat turn-down.

"But people with sight loss can be valuable employees. It's the person first.   Deal with sight loss as an after fact. If they are the right person for the job you'll find a way around the disability."

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